Our mission is to provide a product that delivers excellent product presentation and preservation by using sustainable and innovative solutions.


Our vision is to continue to lead the market and provide our customers with global and local solutions for commercial refrigerated display cabinets by offering innovative and sustainable products.


Excellence in exhibition and preservation of your foodstuffs.

We are a company committed and present, so one of our references is the “Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro (1992)”, which established a commitment to achieve and maintain “sustainable development”.

Commitment and good work are our business basis, we create a trust environment with an open access to information, where all professionals participate in decision making.

An “Integrated Management System” and the General Management of EXKAL has established a “Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work and Social Responsibility Policy”, the fulfillment of these commitments by EXKAL is guaranteed with AENOR in these 4 areas:
· Quality (UNE-EN ISO 9001)
· Environment (UNE-EN ISO 14001)
· Safety and Occupational Health (OHSAS 18001)
· Social Responsibility (RS 10)

Attitude towards continuous improvement, searching new solutions and analysing results.


Who are our customers?

People who need modern and technological products with the guarantee of have being produced for the best food conservation and exposition, and want advice to select the most suitable product.

Who are our suppliers?

The people who join efforts to be Collaborators. It will allow including improvements easily.


Principal objectives

One of our objectives is ensuring customers and suppliers loyalty. The best rule to be competitive is to maintain customers and suppliers confidence, and to achieve it, we will satisfy their necessities and market demands. We apply professional ethics to achieve satisfaction and business profits for all parts.