In the process of implementation of our Integrated Management System during the month of December 2010, AENOR has performed the audits for the Quality Certification (ISO 9001:2015), Environment (ISO 14001:2015), Safety and Occupational Health (OHSAS 18001:2011) and Social Responsibility (SR-10:2011).

Our Management System integrates the areas of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work and Social Responsibility.

The Exkal commitments in its Quality Policy, Environment, Safety and Health at Work, Social Responsibility and its Code of Ethics, far from being a mere declaration of intentions, are part of their daily work and are integrated into all their activities.

  • Certificado Aenor
  • Certificado IQNET
  • Certificado del sistema de gestión de la calidad Exkal
  • IQNET Quality Management System


Our Integrated Management System has a working procedure in which we develop the system established to respond to any claims / complaints / suggestions for improvements suggested by our customers.

Claims / Complaints / Suggestions for improvement can be communicated by mail, fax, phone, etc.., to our sales department, or the following address:

From that moment we will keep you informed of all actions that we undertake to solve your problem.


EXKAL aims to prevent pollution and reduce environmental impact through the design of efficient products, according to all applicable laws.

  • Certificado Aenor ISO 14001
  • Certificado IQNET


  • Certificado ISO 14001 Exkal
  • ISO 14001 Exkal IQNET

Safety and health at work

Is committed to EXKAL prevent damage and deterioration of the health of people, through continuous improvement of all its processes and its products, according to all applicable laws.

  • Certificado Aenor
  • Certificado IQNET
  • Certificado del sistema de gestión salud y seguridad en el trabajo
  • QNET Health and Safety management system
  • Certificado Aenor
  • Certificado IQNET
  • Certificado del sistema de gestión de la Responsabilidad Social
  • IQNET Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsability

EXKAL works to meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, continually trying to improve their satisfaction. For this offers the following address: and through it hopes to meet all their concerns.

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