We continue with STORY Project (European Union H2020)

A vision of our future energy system.

The project STORY shows the added value of storage in the distribution grid. The current phase of the project focuses on research and testing of modular batteries, entirely made in EXKAL facilities, to demonstrate and evaluate innovative approaches for energy storage systems in  residential and indus-trial environments. Through a large scale impact analysis and in an open dia logue with all stakeholders, STORY formulates the policy and regulatory changes that are  required to realize a promising future for energy storage.

STORY is a joint project of 18 international partners involved in 6 demonstrations in 5 European countries and is funded under the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission.

EXKAL, CENER and GREEN RENEWABLE are the only Spanish partners involved.


Exkal will perform the final testing of the system, using the installation of solar energy in its production, with licenses for self-consumption.

To maximize the project‘s long-term impact STORY ensures that critical opinions of the stakeholders – including business, policy, research communities and  civil society – are integrated throughout the process through a series of workshops and a continuous dialogue.


The STORY project is fully related to our corporate mission and vision. We apply our philosophy in pursuit of the only way we understand as possible, sustainable way. As a method, continually evolve and adapt to the changing society needs, we promote innovative and sustainable solutions.