The project plans to create 500 jobs in Marcilla.

The business project of “Exposición y Conservación de Alimentos, SA” has a budget of 25 million euros.

The Government of Navarra has adopted an agreement in its session today declaring the business project of “Exposición y Conservación de Alimentos, SA” (EXKAL), dedicated to commercial refrigeration and located in Marcilla, as an investment of regional interest. with a budget of 25 million euros and provides the creation of 500 direct jobs.

EXKAL is a leading company in the commercial refrigeration market, and supplies products to the first food distribution companies in Spain, as well as in several countries around the world. Its main production center is in Marcilla, and it also has other factories in Paterna (Valencia).

The company has the main focus on sustainability, understood as the balance between the ecological, the economic and the social. Its products have achieved reductions in the life cycle COST, polluting emissions, energy consumption, food losses and maintenance costs.

The company’s environmental commitment leads it to undertake projects in the coming years. In particular, it is planned to acquire new land and build new productive warehouses, as well as new robotic machinery, create new lines to increase capacity, expand the capacity of renewable energy production, and develop new products oriented to new markets.

The project is oriented to the S3 Strategy in its mechatronics, agrofood resources, renewable resources, particularly in the spheres of the food chain, commitment to healthy eating, promotion of the circular economy, reduction of fossil energy consumption, and increase in the average business size.

It is worth remembering that the Executive can declare as investments of regional interest projects that have a special relevance for the economic, social or territorial development of Navarra. The initiatives that hold this consideration then have a preferential and urgent impulse in the different procedures that they have to carry out with all the public administrations of Navarra. Thus, for example, the ordinary deadlines for procedures foreseen for the implementation of the activity, urban planning or execution, opening or operation licenses are halved.


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