World Refrigeration Day

We celebrate for the first time the World Refrigeration Day.

The World Refrigeration Day is celebrated for the first time today, June 26, with the support of the United Nations Program for the Environment (UNEP). This commemoration has its reason for being because of the enormous contribution of refrigeration to the economy and to the quality of life of society as a whole.

Refrigeration guarantees the consumption of safe food thanks to the maintenance of the cold chain, protects our health because it is essential for the conservation or manufacture of vaccines and other types of medicines and is necessary for the operation of telecommunications equipment, among many others industrial processes. In addition, refrigeration makes business productivity possible by improving the temperature in work centers, in offices, in homes, road mobility thanks to the air conditioning of vehicles and, simply, by allowing millions of citizens to rest during the hot weather. summer nights.

Refrigeration contributes to the maintenance of the large sectors of the Spanish economy, which together account for 40% of total GDP: tourism, hospitality and the food industry. Without the refrigeration processes that ensure the cold chain of food and comfort in the large park of hotels that we have, this economic activity that employs thousands of people, simply would not be sustainable.

In the day to day of all citizens, refrigeration is present: in the more than 23,000 supermarkets we have in Spain, 48% of homes have air conditioning, the penetration of refrigerators and refrigerators exceeds 100% and the air Conditioning in vehicles is also universal.

In Spain, the celebration of the World Refrigeration Day will take place at the Ateneo de Madrid. Organized by the associations of the sector AEFYT (Association of Companies of the Cold and his Technologies) and AFEC (Association of Manufacturers of Equipment of Air conditioning), with the collaboration of AFAR (Association of Andalusian Manufacturers of Refrigeration).