EXKAL in a cooperative project with 6th grade of secondary students

Collaboration with Sant Miquel dels Sants School, in Vic (Barcelona).

The sixth year of high school at Sant Miquel dels Sants School (Vic – Barcelona) works on a project to create a cooperative.

The different objectives of the students are:

  • Create products and develop a business plan for them.
  • Know the target audience that can buy them.
  • Manage sales channels (Shop, web, app, etc).
  • Commercial Distribution.
  • Marketing, publicity, social networks, etc.

Exkal has collaborated in the creation of commercial strategies and marketing fundamentals, based on the origin and values of its own brand, logo, vision and mission.

We show the activities and functions of our Marketing, Commercial and Logistics departments. In addition, we adapted the information so that 11 year old students, whose mission was to publicize their products and create the best possible experience for their potential clients, will at the same time reinforce their knowledge and values about sustainability and ecology.